Looking for partners/investors for georgian Churchkhela

Anfragen aus Georgien
25.01.16 Anfragen aus Georgien

The Association of Women Winemakers and Grape Owners produces Georgian traditional, sweet Churchkhela.

It is not a profit-oriented organization and aims to support the development of wine and agriculture tourism in Georgia. It is a social association employing women around the country who are in need of living wage for their basic needs.

The association is facing a problem of the realization of high quality Churchkhela made with grape juice, walnuts/nuts/almonds and honey. Therefore, it is searching or a partner and sponsor in order to export and distribute this product in Germany. If you find it interesting, you will help not only the association itself but their employees as well.

 Contact Person:
 Mrs. Maia Natroshvili
 Tel. : +995 599 21 57 75
 Email: natroshvili.maia(at)yahoo.com